Gripe Water

The active ingredients in Woodward's Gripe Water are Dill Seed Oil and Sarajikakshara are highly effective baby colic remedies. Woodward's also contains trace of sugar to give it a taste that infants like. Please find the complete list of ingredients at the back of the pack.

Woodward's Gripe Water acts gently on infant's stomach, easing discomfort and pain, thus making it one THE most preferred baby colic remedies for over a century.

  • Dill Seed Oil warms and relaxes the tummy, breaking down the trapped wind / air bubbles thus offering instant relief to baby colic and infant stomach pain
  • Sarjikakshara neutralizes the acidity
Mothers around the world wonder how to burp a baby? Just a spoon of Woodward's Gripe Water (dosage varies based on age of baby) will result in a usually resounding and satisfied burp from the baby. This dual action soothes the baby's tummy and provides instant relief from stomach pain.

Stomach pain in infants and children
  • Unlike adults, infants have small tummies that are not fully developed. Because of this, they are more likely to face gas and acidity problems.
  • A mother often wonders how to burp a baby?, because if a baby doesn’t burp it is a sign of improper digestion
  • When a mother wonders how to burp a baby, the cause, more often than not is improper digestion
  • When an infant has stomach pain, they do not know how to tell their parents, instead, they simply cry in pain, which is a symptom of baby colic
  • Many times, they cry inconsolably before or even after feeding and the mother thinks it is due to hunger – but it could most likely be caused due to discomfort in the stomach
  • Even during teething, improper breathing leads to gas or wind formation in the infant’s stomach – leading to stomach discomfort and pain